Just when you think you’re ‘grown’ – Oh no, honey. That never-ending day? Just beginning

You don’t see the Heart of the Matter 
Until bits of flesh and brain matter come at you
Flying with force spraying red onto the porch  and the
Window glass of the passenger’s side

We draw our curtains –  to watch the trial
As the beast, powered by fear – goes dark
Returning in a suit and tie – explaining itself to
White juries – Some will empathize

 As science explains quickening heartrates
The Battle Royale; An amygdala punching its way to gold
Destroying its prefrontal cortex

Science will explain ‘early trauma’ choking up
What resembles pity for the perp
Whose name we know

Not the victims’ though. They die twice
Getting lost as we scatter
The holy water of good intentions 
Over the mass graves
Of forgotten identities

Forgotten answers
Emotional forensics
Why we fear? Why we hate?
Why we act? Why we don’t?

We fail every day that
We don’t eradicate what kills us
With every bullet
With every dollar rise in
A murderous stock pumped up
In ability to kill and enrich at once

The mass murder of  hope suspiciously
Triggered by happy believers
Those with thoughts and prayers  
Like casket wreaths
Obscuring the many
Hearts that matter         

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