Land is language

 Flowers trees its catechism. Mountains its religion. 

The Weather its politics. 

Land – ignorant of ownership

 its fealty only to nature – the one solitary truth.

Enter man – the animal- his imposed hierarchy of language

Slick flowery flawless cloak despising dirt: his slang, the poetry of the weed. But Earth laughs at the concrete towers replacing Her trees. Cement sidewalks She cracks for the flower. Mountains that retaliate in anxious subduction as Weather – in convocation with wind and water, declares sovereignty; redistributing Earth’s wealth – the python in the Arctic; ice in the Gulf. 

Ownership, fabricated in the shadow of Earth’s smile

 Guns of deceit ordering Her children

to sing in the chains of servitude. 

It happens that momentary distraction;

Earth’s innocence rendered tooth and nail.  

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