On my daily walks I am beyond

The inexorable reach of headlines

Months ago I left Facebook and

Made a cheap vow to ignore the gridlock

In our sorrowful culture


But the screams and charges sneak through

Like the guilt of a favorite character

Who comes face to face with her own complicity;

When grief came – seeping in

Around the edges of her being –

The openings she is unable to conceal  


Today, in my rented depression,

Grief dressed for battle and screaming

Hatred and death in the streets

Overshadows that

Overworked and overlooked

Emotion — love.

Loving one another should be so easy, right? 


Our hearts remain an

Unprofitable wilderness;

Barren, drought-stricken stretches

Of leather bent on

Destroying that which we

Cannot control


We all are simply the people we’d like to think we are –

We measure our goodness by what we

Don’t do


Where we don’t


Who we don’t



And we fight inscrutable, defensive battles

All in service to the ego

Making us


Flavorless people

Unable to acknowledge

The alchemy of delusion



Today it will not be 60 degrees

A headline ripped from the

Tabloid of terrible weather


Hard to stay current in cold

Trying – even with chilly headlines

From the Gray Lady

Words in search of life beneath

Storm-gray water, brown mud that has

Rolled over unsuspecting souls with

Other places to be


All engaged in the struggle for

What was…

Blinking in disbelief at the instant of

What is …

And no clue as to

What shall be…


And the headlines

With their harsh reality prove

All the truth a soul can bear


Get up!


Stop flopping around

On that dirt floor of self

Screaming at the injustice


As if

Nature’s earth-shaking,

Watery bells

Are ringing the catastrophe

Of fear and suspicion for the first time


Get up

And do something