Spring at the pond


We are not saying money

Will make us whole

Though in a culture where

All is monetized 

What is tendered will speak

Louder than 


No amount will

Ever be enough.

Hatred and distrust

Bequeath nothing

                                                      *Greek: Whole

Westminster Abbey: 20th Century martyrs


How do you make whole

The progeny of subjugation?

How do you parse the millions

Lives and dollars?

How do you make whole

The gnarled hands that

Built the pyramids

Of a cherished


How do you make whole

The products of wombs

Torn open for profit?

How do you make whole

The truth?

You find a corner in

The carpet of conscience

You pull it back – however difficult

And you bulldoze weary memories

Awake. Dragging recalcitrant

Truth to the light (That She says we can be)

You hang truth in the sun

Against the wall of hate

Until blood has run clear

Preserving. Restoring


Making whole