Creativity comes when

There is no one you know

At the Parrot Bar

It springs from a

Third ring of loneliness

When the last call

For diversion comes

At 2 a.m.

Leaving you to

Stagger among



To your musty

Garret room

From which you

Hope to issue

The next




  1. Beautiful Gwen! I must admit, though, I am jealous that you are already in KW. ( did you notice those are my initials?) it us going down to 22 tonight. Brrrr

    1. Oh Karen – Nooooo, I am not in KW – (not that I don’t want to be.. It’s just that I’ve been looking the KW writers & their houses book (pic) that I picked up at the Tompkins county Library book sale (love that event – and I didn’t win the raffle for the coo; quilt – not for lack of trying! ) 😦 So I found myself looking through the book again – here in Cameron Mills and got to thinking about all the writers who go to KW for inspiration – hence the poem. But no – still here in the NE – expecting to be freezing with the rest. Oh – I’ve disengaged from FaceBook – temporarily – as I have become sooo distracted lately. I’ve been fairly productive as a result. I will call you and give you my #s in Fla – and we can get together when you and Hub make that trip down. in Dec. or Jan.

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