Revamped repost


She walked along the moon-lit shore

And said her name was Truth

She fell from lips of every bore

Uncomfortable in hearts uncouth


Her mistake was simply looking back

To gather facts from the root


Gaining hard from tail of the pack

Greed fought to neutralize truth


Dressed in cloth so tailored and fine

He put his minions just so

Greed flashed his smile oh quite divine

Promising power and gold


Pledging power from uncommon seed 

Promises to evil flows

Liquid influence; oh sweet mead

The returns unchecked – grows


Did greed succeed – making Truth moot?

I for one won’t abide

His forcible rend by nail and tooth

Believing Truth is forced to hide


I believe she’s on some inland street

Barren of youth and sound

Where life is sold to make ends meet

Truth, not easily found


Not in the burbs? Maybe in town

Hiding in campaign lore

Alley dirty, slogans all ‘round

By what was a General Store


I see her


Dress in tatters, no sun-lit shore

Can Truth hold strength to greed?

Slipped the lips of too many bores

Liberty, country called as creed



“*How strange is the lot of … mortals”

Each life, a single sojourn

Dragging Truth through hideous portals

Awaiting their gold – in return


Where’s the country to shelter Truth?

To wait Her patient assay

Who sees Her rape as vile, uncouth?

Beautiful mouths; adorned decay


Oh for the day when Truth will rein…

But truth’s always been a tool

To tease and dig the lie’s huge skein

Speaking power to those in rule


Truth will remain abused and lost

If we fail to sow her seed

Grab our shovels and dirt be tossed

Upon the grave of greed


  1. Gwen, as always, I love this. I love your closing call to action. We cannot merely lament the loss of truth to greed. Your poem moves me, and I need to print it off and put it on my wall! Is it ok if I am going to put a link on my blog to send folks to your poem/post. My friend, you are extraordinary. I hope your students realize how very blessed they are to have you.

  2. Kate, you may use the poem as you wish and thanks for the kind words. The poem is quite pertinent today given the beating Truth is suffering around the world. Take care.

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