It’s late I know

But the challenge was there

Write a love letter

I love you because

From 15 – south

Comes warmth

Even as the wind howls

Whipping Persephone

In lustful agony

I think it’s love

For I forgive

Your harsh cold

Dashing happiness

On the ashes of my

Invincible summer


I do love your silence

Not a sound from

Letters marching freezing

Over snowy mental-scape

Defying order

Scratching for purchase

Among the warm sacred

Hoping to build

Images in minutes

I know I should hold

You at arms length

You have mastered

The look

Into my eyes

Pacifying  desire

With a 40˚ faux spring

Senses in turmoil

Deaf to the rumblings

Of interrupted cruelty

The ultimate head-fake

The warm hand

Cold heart

The 40˚ offering


Even as you run away

Laughing and sunny

Hiding behind

The cold equation

Of the season


I am blinded by degrees

Of hope

Even as I know you

The Butcher

Of Beauty


  1. February really does butcher beauty. We’ve had unusually warm days and bitterly cold days. Yesterday was icy rain, today is just plain old cold rain. And as usual, the dogs want me to turn on the fireplace and not have to go out ever.


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