Is it time to

Consider death?

Useful for nature

Troublesome for the heart

Navigation lights preset

Trumpeting the intractable

Quieted by ministerings

Of vicodin

And helpless


Lost in parable:

Lessons used

To map the way



  1. KATE, thanks for the comment. I am in the throes of elder care with my father-in-law and watching this once vital man of impeccable dress and manners shuffle wobbly from bed to walker to wheelchair is incredibly sad.

  2. Again we are on parallel paths. I may soon have my mom and mother-in-law residing here. they are currently in IL and OH and they are frail . one has dementia and the other is getting there too…both were vibrant amazing women, both basically wheelchair and bed bound….yo are right, it is sad….i miss who they were….and they do too

    1. Oh my! Kate my heart goes out to you. My father-in-law now can’t remember what he had for breakfast and he falls often – As for mom and mom-in-law under the same roof – that could never be the case here – if my mom were alive I mean. My mom-in -law is a fairly strong-willed woman with tremendous energy even at 84 – my poor mom would have been quite steam-rolled by this woman. You mentioned that your moms were both vibrant & amazing – Ever think about doing an oral history with your moms? I did with mine and so glad I did – as I we had no idea the end was so close. Good luck my friend – Wish we were closer 😦

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