The Gospel of Our Own Destruction: Unfinished

I can give the good to God

But where to give the bad?

I walk among men and know

The devil’s

Not elsewhere to be had


man is made in his image


God is ego, warring man

Obsessive destroyer of things

Which no woman understands


this God by proxy

Was not the original intent

Forcing women to believe


Is man’s ultimate achievement


Jesus did have a wife

From whom he sought his peace

And the age-old truth was lost;

Man’s original deceit

A Congressional If / Then­­


Teachers take the NTE

And police Civil Service Exam

And fire fighters fit to be

Fighting fires for woman & man

If nurses have their test decree

And doctors have their boards

A dissertation for a PhD

Permits all to help the hordes


Why, in position to vote at all,

Do we allow our fate to rest

With those of no mental wherewithal

To pass a simple test

The lower house which originates

Our laws by which we live

Would struggle it seems to regurgitate

Simple history in a test we’d give

There is a simple message here

That would lay most enmity to rest

If politicians want votes dear

We require them to pass a test!