The nest is perched high atop a pole (compliments of Monroe County) about 200 yards from my morning deck. Most mornings there is no movement and with an obtuse spotting scope I can see the beginnings of a nest of heavy twigs – home building, slow and deliberate. Then an evening arrives and the outline appears. I grab my camera and shoot as best I can.


    1. Nancy, yes I’m still living in upstate but right now I am in the Florida keys – dreading going back to NY tomorrow šŸ˜¦

      I live about 90 miles south of Rochester (Corning, NY area) – in fact, we will be landing (keeping fingers crossed) in Rochester tomorrow evening.

      Good luck with your hawk – we have a couple of red-tail hawks that hunt over the fields – where field mice are plentiful after a plowing.

      Thanks for reading my blog.


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