No, an agent has not crawled out of the innards of my computer to tell me he/she has been tracking my fabulous facility with the written word and, by the way, here’s a six-digit check for anything else you might deign to write – on a cocktail napkin say. Such is the stuff of movie scripts, nightmares and daydreams.

But I remain an author. I deem myself so as I follow the dictates of the poster I had posted in my high school creative writing classroom, Don’t leave your story for someone else to tell – they’ll probably get it wrong.  So, here I sit telling my story.

For Sisters Who Pick the Rose is fiction although I do use bits and pieces of my Compton childhood to support my storybook events. I’ve been working on this (my third) novel for two years now and have completed what I believe are five acceptable chapters. I would appreciate constructive input from any and all readers of For Sisters Who Pick the Rose Please find chapter one at my wordpress writing blog:

and if you like what you’ve read please feel free to hit the subscribe button and you will get each new installment in your e-mail.

As Ever,  Gwen


    1. Thanks for the “you are not alone” type note, Kate. I’m still at it and still new to the e-business of blogging and responding. All so new to me. I just want to write!

  1. Gwen—I found a way to get to your chapters thus far…WOW. Your writings and blog are so terrific. Your career as an English professor certainly speak to that as well. Your blog lights up the world. As a result I am giving you the award that I created over the weekend. No strings, no requirements. It is called The Candle Lighter Award. I hope you accept it! If there are any positive blogs that you know of, feel free to give them The Candle Lighter, too.You can give it any time you want, as many times as you want. If you do and then if you have a chance, I’d love to know what blogs you chose. I am compiling a list of awardees so that people can find these positive blogs.

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