On the playgrounds of the future 

playgrounds of the future...

Children will laugh and sing

And we’ll cross the bridge to real peace

Where the bells of sanity’ll ring

Until then we shall play the game

Which will all add up to naught

“It’s your fault, no, it’s theirs…”

Why some fail at what is taught.

We are given books and bosses

Numerous regs to do the job

But greenbacks stay in hands of few

Uncaring of who they rob

Touching the future may seem easy

From a point too far away

One could assume it’s all just ditto –

Then lunch –  then shop – then play

If this is your belief

You could not be further from the fact

That success is singularly measured

Not muddled in some pack

So forward we will plod

Unwillingly teaching to the mean

We will test, and test and test

From which all congress shall glean

Information in the form

Of bars and charts sublime

Symbols of teachers and students

Who’ve been sentenced to hard time

And the monied districts shall rule

Golden in and out

And the bootstraps will appear

Accusing all who doubt

Good will be the words to spread

And many who will eat them

The failures will be shown the straps

But for pity’s sake, don’t beat them

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