The Crash of “Free Will”

Who protects the innocent from free will? Who protects against a free will that would visit a freakish horror upon pure and vulnerable children and by extension their parents? It is a question to which I cannot find an answer; no Wikipedia, Google, Word Help, Cathedral, or Constitution serves up an answer that could save our progeny – our future. And it is this knowledge that drives parents into the night, wild-eyed with fear and grief – all marching under the same arc of concern. It is the concern that the “crash principle” has come home to manifest. That as our universe widens, spinning more and more beyond control we hunger even stronger for simple touch. This hunger persists even as we are driven to the street – no! – dragged down vile steps by our hair into the nightmare of someone else’s twisted take on touch.

Touch offers silent messages of love, concern and desire. Touch, in all its frailty and promise conquers the challenge of the Rosetta Stone; a universal language. And we know this. It is the knowledge that pours from every fiber as we lift our naked young to our shoulders burying our faces in the innocent flesh in vain attempts to inhale and harness (forever) an unvarnished goodness and purity that, deep down, we fear won’t last.