I am a member of the “duck and cover” crowd – meaning I remember pushing my chair back in my Los Angeles elementary school putting my head down and scooting my chair back towards my desk – as if my desk would protect my eight-year-old head and body from the likes of an atom bomb. Surely, I thought these issues would have reached some resolution by the 21st Century. But no, we continue to look upon the attainment of “ease and happiness as ends in themselves” or “Ideal[s] of a pigsty” (Einstein). For these ideals, we remain forever vigilant regarding any threats to our right to happiness. We go to war under the banner of threats to our right to own cars, cheap gas, cheap food, overrun the weak, and trample nature. We have no right to any of these things if one person has to die in their procurement.
We’ve lost our way on that long and winding path towards social justice and social responsibility. We’ve let these endeavors be sullied in the mouths of infidels allowing us to forget that what we enjoy today is the result of the labors of many who have gone before us.
When we have social responsibility our communities will be safe and this safety mushrooms out to cover the nation and the world in short order.
Connect with one another – spread the work and the word.

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