I unfriended a Facebook cohort this morning. While this isn’t the most shocking news in a world where innocence continues to be betrayed and love is torn asunder by bombs, words and deeds, it does speak to the continued battle of the sexes.

It all started when my no-longer-Facebook friend displayed, on his FB page, pictures of questionable taste. One picture featured a very beautiful young woman posing, bent over, in a thong that covered only her frontal nether parts leaving a perfectly well rounded view of everything else. Another picture consisted of an equally beautiful young woman who could, without question, make millions for the wonder-bra manufacturers. I read a comment under the photos from this man’s cousin, suggesting these pictures not be left on his FB page as her daughters (referenced as his nieces) may come across this “porn” and, for her, that would not be acceptable. I commented agreeing with his “cuz” and, although I did not pass judgment as to the “porn” value of the pictures, I did say these young women looked as if they were recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Hooters. (Hey, what’s life without humor – or hooters for that matter?) Apparently, I struck a nerve. I awoke this morning to a terse response to my comment. Basically, I was told that if I did not like the contents of his FB page I did not have to go there. “Fair enough,” I thought. But I could not resist a return volley asking, “And you friended me – why?”

So, why is this a battle of genders? It is a battle because I don’t think I’ll ever ‘get’ men. I’m often told men are fairly simple to understand and that women are the more complicated of the genders. True, a man told me this, but I refuse to believe that men can be controlled, apparently completely, by the random placement of what may be simple adipose tissue. I find it astounding – the power given over to the perfect female shell. If this is the case, then a more perfect campaign has never been waged as the one that makes women believe we are the weaker of the genders and that this is a man’s world – propaganda supported by the earnings gap according to gender. This campaign didn’t begin yesterday either. I’ve often questioned the minimal female voice in the Bible. There is Mary but she appears to serve as a woman of impossible virtue to which we are expected to aspire. Just as troublesome is the fact that the writing of this New Testament began more that 50 years after the death of Christ and is accepted as the word of God – as written by men. “Written by men” should give me a clue as to why the female voice is minimized or ‘manimized.’

There are women who see this manimization of their gender and, have for years, pulled the curtain back to reveal the Wizard so-to-speak. Who are these women? You may know them as feminists, dykes, ball-breakers etc, – all pejorative terms used by men. Certainly not all men use these expressions but enough of them do to make these terms part of the lexicon of gender discussion. These women are scorned in private because no man wants to come face to face with a real woman who knows; real men eat quiche, cook, shop for groceries and care for their offspring. There are men who don’t want to meet a woman real enough to say that she wants him to have a big heart. Yes, it is true, size really does matter.

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