From Watts to Ferguson

New York Times photo - 8/14/14

New York Times photo – 8/14/14

And this is what becomes of youth

Arm and arm with desire

Standing staunch facing abuse

Before a funeral pyre


Youth inbred with courage and past

Arm and arm with desire

Stand before weapons en masse

Falcons in loosening gyre


To see faces so young and unlined

Witness new history unfold

Is to know the past as so unkind

Lessons unlearned, agony untold


This is what becomes of a youth

Where bondage is original sin

Buried with denial at its root

As if the crime had never been


Not as if one turns a page

To find a new, happy ending

Black skin will always pre-sent rage

Some unfailing and unbending


And so our youths confront it all;

Our transgressions of the past

Those shot will scream and fall

As we parse a truce that failed to last



                                                 ~ Gwen Davis-Feldman

                                                    August 14, 2014

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I find it hard to explain myself except to say I struggle. Mornings are either too cold or too hot, the cat box needs tending, snow needs shoveling, the lawn needs mowing... and so it goes - that daily parade of excuses that keep me from doing what writers do --- write. Just know, I am a woman who talks far more than I should. And when I am lucky I am alone with only my keyboard to bear witness to the things that impress or disturb. Peace - gdf
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